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Why Do You Need to Hire An Ethical SEO Consultant?
11 October 2012 | 12:41 pm
Most of the companies present nowadays have their own websites through which they advertise their products and reach out to millions of people. As the number of
Robin Gupta
Importantance of SEO elements in Local Business
10 October 2012 | 12:18 pm
If you have a local business where your customers mostly come from a specific area then you should focus on an SEO service that can get you good traffic from th
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Tips to help you generate good money out of Google AdSense
9 October 2012 | 12:54 pm
Google AdSense is the most popular program in the world of internet that helps you generate revenue out of your blogs. If you own websites and like to build web
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Pinterest can help in the successful promotion of business
8 October 2012 | 11:56 am
Adding to the social networking sites, there comes Pinterest, another site, but with a difference. Pinterest is not just a social networking site, but assists i
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Comprehensive Guide to Building Quality Links to Withstand Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates
5 October 2012 | 5:34 am
Google has become more stringent on the web owners about ranking the websites. It has come up with various updates on improving the quality. The major effective
Robin Gupta
Local PPC accounts – Tips to create and manage them effectively
17 August 2012 | 11:47 am
A PPC campaign is one of the most effective marketing techniques where the marketing is performed by taking into account the events. This marketing method is mo
Robin Gupta

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About Us

About RobinGupta.Com

With RobinGupta.Com, you have chosen one of the most popular SEO Service India. We provide a range of link building services that can help your website grow and your business expand. Each of our services possesses the irreplaceable quality and efficiency that has made us a favorite among our more than 325 clients.

Once a website is complete and online, the next step is to promote it among people. To make your mark in the thousands of websites online, you need to take some steps that give your website an added bonus. SEO and link building is an excellent way to do it. A campaign should be built in and an around a website, so that it can reach its target audience.

We provide you a number of services that you can include in this campaign. To know more about the services that we provide, see our Services page.

All of these services are performed by experienced professionals. We have a team of 30 SEO professionals who have a lot of experienced in this field. We have experts like content writers, link building experts, submission experts, internet research experts and technical experts in our team who can take care of all aspects of the services we provide.

It’s not a secret that, in order to appear in top 10 search results, most websites take help of link building. But, as you may have noticed yourself, not every link building service can provide the desired results. This is because not every service provider has the experience and human resources that we possess.

Ordinary link building services put most of their emphasis on just “getting the job done.” They hardly care about the results you receive, later. As a result, you get meager approval rate and hardly any change in your search engine ranking, with such services.

We, at RobinGupta.Com, put all of our emphasis on providing you with great results. We ensure that no matter which services you choose, it gives you the best results possible. You won’t find many link building websites out there, which provide you as many services with guaranteed results as we do. Our Article Syndication service, Guaranteed Directory Submission, Complete SEO Service and Pay Per Click Service assure guaranteed results.

Apart from link building, we can also offer web design service your website. We have launched scores of websites for our clients and each of them has been a great success. We can create any type of website for you, along with the features of your choice.

Our services are designed to give you the following benefits:

  • More Traffic
  • Better Search Engine Ranking
  • More one-way links
  • Search engine friendly website
  • Targeted traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • More exposure to the company

And in, we don’t just set aims, we reach them too. We ensure that each and every service that we render is done in the most professional manner. Currently, we provide as many as 18 services, including Squidoo Lens Creation, Blog Management, Press Release Distribution, etc. In future, we plan to provide even more services.

We receive clients from all over the world and we have, so far, served over 11,000 websites. Our clients care from USA, UK, Canada and many European countries. We take pride in providing the best customer support to our clients. We are always ready to answer calls, rectify complaints and provide answers to queries, no matter how important or frivolous they are. We take your opinion and ideas very seriously.

Every time we get a new order, we make it a point to discuss it with our client and find out what are his/her goals, expectations and objective from the website. This becomes extremely important while rendering services like Website Designing, Blog Review, Forum Posting, etc. as our work should match and correspond with that of the client. This helps us deliver the results, as per his/her satisfaction. was created with a vision of providing a comprehensive, well balanced link building experience. We are not like other web promotion services who work only to make money. True, we also work for money, but we take pride in giving you exceptional services in return. We ensure that we meet each and every deadline and take least amount of time in rendering service, without compromising on quality.

So, welcome to! The Brain Behind Your Business. Please give us a chance to help you improve your business, through our services.