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Article Syndication Service

Article Syndication Service

Guaranteed Article Submissions

Guaranteed Article Submissions is a unique service that guarantees 100% approved article submissions. We, at RobinGupta.Com provide this unique link building tool at exceptional provides this unique service, where we only provide you the approved article submission links. Guaranteed Article Submissions is quite similar to article submission, but in this, you get a guarantee of 100% approval rate.

Guaranteed Article Submissions is the only service that guarantees only approved links of your articles. It is a powerful tool for not only customer creation, but link building also.

Want to ensure that your articles reach the largest number of people? Need to provide information about your products or services in a subtle, yet effective manner? Then, try our Guaranteed Article Submissions Service.

How Guaranteed Article Submissions helps in link building?

Guaranteed Article Submissions involves submission of articles in various article directories, simultaneously. It helps in link building by allowing anchor texts in the articles and in author’s resource box.

Since we ensures approved links, this creates assured one-way permanent links and you get multiple one way links from every paid submission. In short, article syndication guarantees more one way links.

This service has the following benefits for your website:

  • Better link distribution: Through article syndication, you can distribute multiple links of your website simultaneously. Hence, it creates one-way links to all important pages of the website.
  • Better traffic: Since the people who visit article directories are already in search of some particular information, article syndication ensures more targeted visitors to your websites. This is a great benefit for websites which sell products and services.
  • Dignified Method of link building: Article syndication involves providing information along with the links of a website. Hence, this method is much more respected by the users as they don’t feel like you are trying to force your link on them and it’s their choice to visit the website or not.
  • Increase in traffic, page rank and search engine ranking: Since article syndication provides one way links, it has all the benefits of one way link building too, such as an increase in traffic, page rank and search engine ranking of a website.
  • Rise in Sales: Article syndication can be used to provide information about products and services a website is selling. It can also give product reviews and comparisons between different brands. As a result, article syndication often increases sales.
  • Advantage over Article Submission: Article syndication has a huge advantage over article submission, since latter doesn’t guarantee 100% approval. Article syndication provides you only approved links.

All these benefits are not just some hypothetical estimates. In fact, we have submitted over 11,500 articles so far (still counting) and we are stating these benefits by experience.

Our Guaranteed Article Submissions Service has the following features:

  • We manually publish your article for Syndication.
  • The links that you get are one way and are permanent links for your website.
  • Gambling, Casino & Dating articles (not porno) are allowed.
  • Deep links Url’s are Allowed (Any Type of Deep Links)
  • 100% guaranteed approved links
  • You don’t have to worry about rejected submissions or wait for approvals.
  • Up to 3 anchor texts allowed in Article Body.
  • Submissions by experienced link building experts.
  • Submissions in relevant directories, in right categories.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Complete link report, delivered to you after completion of the job.

We are one of the very few services which are providing guaranteed article submissions as an option for link building. This is because; this service requires considerable experience and skills. One must know the tact and strategy to ensure that each link is approved.

Guaranteed Article Submissions is one of our specialties. We assure our customers complete value for their money and for this; we have created a team of link building experts.

Free Bonus Service :- you will get content writing for free of cost with our guaranteed article submissions service, bonus writing describe as follow

  1. 100 Approved Article Links Package — 2×500 Words Unique Articles for free of cost (actual cost $40)
  2. 200 Approved Article Links Package — 4×500 Words Unique Articles for free of cost (actual cost $80)
  3. 300 Approved Article Links Package — 6×500 Words Unique Articles for free of cost (actual cost $120)
  4. 400 Approved Article Links Package — 8×500 Words Unique Articles for free of cost (actual cost $160)
  5. 500 Approved Article Links Package  — 10×500 Words Unique Articles for free of cost (actual cost $200)
  6. 600 Approved Article Links Package — 12×500 Words Unique Articles for free of cost (actual cost $240)

Guaranteed Article Submissions service is just another link to this long chain of commitment!

Available Links Packages

No. Of Approved Submissions Time In Day Package Cost(USD) Buy Now
100 Approved Article Links 7 Days $125
200 Approved Article Links 8 Days $250
300 Approved Article Links 8 Days $375
400 Approved Article Links 10 Days $500
500 Approved Article Links 12 Days $550
600 Approved Article Links 12 Days $600
After Payment Please send us below mentioned details on our Email- Support@RobinGupta.Com
  • Anchor Texts – Your 3 targeted Keywords
  • URL – Web Site (URL’s) which you want to point on above keywords.
  • Category – Main category & 2-3 alternative categories..
  • Email – Your Email Where you want completion Report.
Thanks For Choosing, will proceed your Order ASAP…