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Why Do You Need to Hire An Ethical SEO Consultant?
11 October 2012 | 12:41 pm
Most of the companies present nowadays have their own websites through which they advertise their products and reach out to millions of people. As the number of
Robin Gupta
Importantance of SEO elements in Local Business
10 October 2012 | 12:18 pm
If you have a local business where your customers mostly come from a specific area then you should focus on an SEO service that can get you good traffic from th
Robin Gupta
Tips to help you generate good money out of Google AdSense
9 October 2012 | 12:54 pm
Google AdSense is the most popular program in the world of internet that helps you generate revenue out of your blogs. If you own websites and like to build web
Robin Gupta
Pinterest can help in the successful promotion of business
8 October 2012 | 11:56 am
Adding to the social networking sites, there comes Pinterest, another site, but with a difference. Pinterest is not just a social networking site, but assists i
Robin Gupta
Comprehensive Guide to Building Quality Links to Withstand Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates
5 October 2012 | 5:34 am
Google has become more stringent on the web owners about ranking the websites. It has come up with various updates on improving the quality. The major effective
Robin Gupta
Local PPC accounts – Tips to create and manage them effectively
17 August 2012 | 11:47 am
A PPC campaign is one of the most effective marketing techniques where the marketing is performed by taking into account the events. This marketing method is mo
Robin Gupta

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I've tried many other link building services, and, as opposed to the person above, I believe that Gupta offers lower prices than most of his competitors. But, I do agree with the person above, the ROI, return on investment, is very high with Gupta's products. I actually get traffic and good back links from these links! Thanks Gupta!
What more can I say? This guy is expensive! Ha, gotcha, well im not joking, he costs a lot, a lot more then his "competitors" But hey, guess what, if you invest say, $100 in gupta you get much more back on ur investment. This against competitors whose products are just for show, they really don't help your site. So Gupta, you cost man, but still, your quality is impeccable.
Link building is a pretty hard to do thing by ones self. So, I decided that I would try out Gupta's link building service! I was soo happy with the result that I ordered more. Now, over a few months later, I can sit back and reap the benefits of my investment! Thanks Gupta, keep it up mate!
All I can say is thank you! Robin, you're services have allowed my site to spread wings like never before! It is truly your Directory Service doing and only your doing that my site went from 0 traffic, to hundreds and now thousands of hits per day, thank you!

Robin Gupta's Directory services are the only thing that got our site from PR 0 to a Much Higher PR rating! Although it was more expensive then others who offer this same services who we've tried out for our sites, quality is what matters, and we really get that with Robin Gupta's services!

Boley Mil Software Ltd

Robin Gupta has enabled us to grow beyond belief! With his awesome SEO services my website has now reached the top spot on google! Thanks a lot Robin Gupta for your dedication and service! We could not have gotten to where we are today without your help! Thanks once again!

Jim Greenberg

Some of the fastest turnaround times we've ever experienced with an SEO. I mean we were just blow away with the quality of work, and most of all, the price! Sheesh, we've paid some guys 5X this price and gotten � of the work done that Robin's done! Bravo Robin

John Billups

There's nothing really to say other then cr�me de la cr�me about Robin Gupta. This guy would not let us go unsatisfied and provided keen insight and a highly personalized service that we could not get anywhere else! Not even larger SEO corporations! Not to mention, we saved a ton of cash with this great SEO solution!

Lisa Legrange

With effective solutions for every problem and hurdle, Robin Gupta has helped us succeed in short! With rock bottom prices and still top notch services, Robin Gupta has allowed us to strive for excellence and make our website the way we want, not the best way to make a site that sells without keeping our roots! Now that's unique!

Sue Quaranto

The BEST SEO service on the web! What more can I tell you? Robin has provided my website with reliable and high quality SEO services for the past 4 years. Today he helps SEO one of the most popular aviation sites on the web, all for a budget that is super cheap! I don't know how you do it man, what do you have some magic or something!?

Sharon Buquet

Robin's Link building service has enabled our website to increase Search Engine Ranking tremendously! The prices may seem high, but trust me, this is well worth it! Thanks again Robin, you rock! Oh yeah, and I also bought this in conjunction to a Dir Sub Package which made my site even more potent!

Susan Sandler

Link building is a pretty hard to do thing by ones self. So, I decided that I would try out Gupta's link building service! I was soo happy with the result that I ordered more. Now, over a few months later, I can sit back and reap the benefits of my investment! Thanks Gupta, keep it up mate! just placed another 100 links order to

Florian Koerner

Robin, Got my report Of 100 Links and this is really awesome service bcoz traffic is already increased on my site. your links are great. I have to say I am impressed with how on target the links to my website topic. I am not sure how you did it, but I will definitely be ordering in the future.


This is the third time I have used Great guy to work with!! His work is awesome. Always great service, in fact I'm placing another order with him today. Well done Robin, keep up the good Work!!


I run my own SEO Company and outsource my few of work to different SEO companies, last month I tried and place an order of 500 Guaranteed Directory Links. Robin provide me excellent service with report of 500 Live directory links this is wonderful service and it's new for me but I fount that if we get listed in directories in guaranteed manner then what's need of manual submissions? Very well done Robin Gupta, will place my next order tomorrow. Cheers

Nick Anderson

Hi Everyone, I have now used the following service:- 400 Guaranteed Featured Links Four or five times and it's a bloody good service!! I consistently see great benefit to the SERPs for my websites!! I will continue to use your services as they always give an excellent ROI. Thanks Robin!!


I am regular client of Robin since 5 months and using his Link Building And Directory Submission Service and last time Robin Offered my his Guaranteed Listing Service and Now I saw that it really works, MY Search Engine ranking improving day by day with 400 Guaranteed links and now I have placed bulk order for my all sites, One word For Robin "Awesome".


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