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5 Latest SEO Industry Updates Affecting Your Business

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On August 4, 2012

5 Latest SEO Industry Updates Affecting Your Business

As the biggest search engine company in the world, Google has influence. Changes in its search strategies majorly influence the Search-Engine-Optimization industry. While everyone is affected, only those who are responsible for tweaking sites and content to reach consumers have to roll up their sleeves and get to work. The following are the latest alterations happening in the SEO world that every online business should know.

  1. Social plus search

The mainstreaming of social network has influenced search engine results pages. Moreover, the reliance of social networks to evaluate people’s behavior online has prompted new partnerships among search providers. Optimizers must be aware that in addition to page ranks, author’s social reputations are also having an impact on the ranking of pages in SERPs.

  1. Ad Placement

After fighting sites considered ‘spammy’, by effecting keyword related updates such as panda updates, Google now evaluates the layout of a webpage in terms of searched for content and other media. Page layout is now a factor, albeit small, for ranking well in search. Sites should not have what would pass as too much ad placement above the fold. It is for this reason that major sites have reduced the number of ads showing on their header areas.

  1. Localizations

As search expands, together with the spread of location aware interactions, search results are also facing an in-depth customization. In addition to search ranking for the country’s domain, there are now different algorithms working for the type of content online. More subcategories such as shopping emerge to provide people with more accurate results. Another emerging category is the device type. Search engines now filter results according to the device used to browse the site and combine this with the assumed intent of the search.

  1. Increased relevance of image attributes in search

The attributes of an image attached to a page now have an impact on its ranking. Search algorithms are becoming content aware, extending their coverage beyond text. Now, images must have key phrases in their title tags, captions and descriptions. Face-detection technology also works with social network integration to suggest similar pages in SERPs.

  1. Clean light codes

In addition to device detection, search engines will now favor lighter pages that load faster. The code in pages must also be coherent and adhere to specific html and CSS standards. Reasons for the inclusion of clean light codes in SEO algorithms include:

  • Elimination of spam through search robot manipulation
  • Easy identification of duplicate content
  • Authentication of link quality

For you to get the best results, you need to pay attention to the above points. Getting a professional SEO company is one of the easiest ways of taking you to the top of the search engine, although if you have the skills, there is no reason why you should not handle the task yourself. The thing with SEO is that it keeps changing. Keep your ear on the ground and the better informed you are, the more you will stay at the top of the search engine.



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