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Best way to write a press release for optimization

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Posted On May 17, 2009

Best way to write a press release for optimization

Press release is also called as news release which is used since many years to report the media, editors and many related persons about the news. Many reporters who will come across your press release will scan it after reading the first paragraph. This is because they daily get many press releases from other webmasters as well.

The editors will easily make out what is the quality of the press release you have submitted to them. it is also necessary to write it in a PR format which they accept. You also need to make the press release very much interesting so that they are read by many visitors. You should know that press release is completely different in the way you write articles.

Press release is written in a way which tells others about the services which you provide but you need to write as a journalist. It will be edited by the reporters to make it more like a journalist story as they have their own skills. You must know that writing and submitting a press release is first step. The main benefits you will get is when it is published and promoted. This way you will get readers and thus traffic to your website.

However many webmasters follow the format of press release and submit them in the distribution websites. Then these are picked by new sites, ezines and many other blog owners which allow you to get backlinks to your website. Now just suppose that the bloggers, new sites and other who will pick your contents will promote their website and ultimately your link will be promoted.

Many other webmasters likes to have links through the press release and they get good ranking in the search engines. The more efforts you make on the press release the more benefits you will get. You might also want to get traffic through press release that you have submitted. You can easily get this by promoting your press release. This way your press release will get on the top of the top of the search engines with a particular keyword.

You can also use keywords or keyphrase for your press release. How this will help me? If suppose you sell dog food then you can insert some keyphrase such like “natural food for dog”, “company selling dog food” etc. This will help your press release to get promoted with the keyword. You will get more traffic through press release.

Don’t only think to get a link only through press release but also make efforts in them so that you can get traffic as well as conversion rates. There are many press release directories which are free as well as paid. Now it completely depends upon the budget you have for your online marketing. The paid ones will get more promotion of your press release and you will be easily picked up from other editors, reporters etc.

Do not submit your press release without keywords in them as this will not allow you get picked up by editors as they will not come across your press release.


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