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Aug 201216

How to plan SEO for your blog after Google’s latest update

After the Google’s update, many webmasters have to change their strategies to get the ranking back on the major search engines such as Google. However, they are unaware of what they have to alter so that they can get the desired results Below mentioned are some of the key areas which tell you how it has changed ever since the update from Google has hit the IT industry: Keyword usage

Aug 201215

Google Panda/Penguin Update: How And Why This Update is a Blessing to SEO Seekers & Providers

Google keeps changing its ranking algorithms to remove the spamming, weak websites from the first pages and rank the best and genuine websites. The latest Google’s Panda update has resulted in lowering the rank of sites which were marketed using black hat SEO. Below mentioned are some of the key points which elaborate how Google’s update is good for SEO: The importance of authority The major reason why Google’s algorithm

Aug 201215

How to improve social engagements in Mobile applications

The competition on the internet has become stiffer than ever before. Various websites have utilized the advanced marketing techniques to improve the traffic and hence sales. However, the social engagements for mobile apps are still questioned by people. Being social can mean that getting engaged with the people from same or different niches on the internet. A variety of ways are available to promote the mobile apps and five of

Aug 201213

How to enhance SEO Metrics for your Online Business

When it comes to SEO metrics, many companies implement sophisticated SEO techniques. However, there is always up and down while these techniques are being used in real scenarios. This is because of the change of the online marketing methods or some other reasons pertaining to the company’s policies and procedure. Mainly, below mentioned are 3 important aspects of SEO which must be maintained during the course of search engine optimization:

Aug 201210

Understanding the link building after Google’s penguin update – Naked Url?

Many web owners have faced a lot of issues due to the penguin update of Google. If you are one of them and looking for the best answer then you have to do a complete research. The webmasters have stopped participating in the blog networks and gotten rid of keywords stuffing on the content on the site after this update has hit IT industry. It is very important to understand