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Checklist for having Stickier Content

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 11, 2012

Checklist for having Stickier Content

Anyone who has craving for a stickier content, having tendency to linger in the minds and memories of its readers, do consider asking the “So what?” question after it is written. If your content screams “So what?” after it is read, it is not the optimal one for equating links, traffic and authority! In other words, if you are planning to invest in buying any content, you have to check whether the content passes the “So what?” litmus test. The rule is very simple, but you ought to be honest with yourself after reading it. And that’s where the cache is!


Likewise, very often people choose Case studies as a safe subject for content writing. However, what they overlook is the depth which lies in every case study. So as to say, not every case study is interesting. A case study which has a obvious end tends to be looked at as a boring content, which certainly would not draw much traffic. On the other hand, if the case study has a shocking end or something which exudes an exclamation, it could make a perfect content material. Case studies have to be engrossing. And that is where the depth lies. The procedure involved in any case study depicts logic, but the reader’s interest is aroused from its interesting end.

Stickier Content

The same principle applies for any network advertising displayed to draw attention of its viewers. The ads should not necessarily come clean and clear, although it should be for certain class of people. The objective of the ad should be to drive the objective of the ad into the viewers mind. And in doing so, it does not matter if your ad is shabby and looks crappy. As long as the viewers are communicated clearly, the ad is surely a job well done! As stated by That’s what Ben at Plenty of Fish found “Every idea that you have is worth testing, no matter how crappy you think it is.”

Content do affect people’s lives

Yes, contents do affect people in the way they carry out executing certain activities. However, the contents have to be deeply absorbing. It is not always necessary that what is written has to be true. But it certainly needs to generate interest. Anything interesting works, if well written. Likewise, you can write well, but a boring content will always remain boring and non-involving. Content should also be informative. It should be related to something which people could relate in their day to day endeavors.

Talk about involving content, and it stirs up controversy. Not always, but most of the time. But Controversy sells, and sells good! Meaningful controversy, which has some evidence attached to it, becomes even more popular than a regular controversy without any source. When most of the writers engage themselves in relating to a certain point of thought, if you can render an other viewpoint to the readers, it could be looked upon as controversial, but would garner much more traffic than you would imagine.

Some contents which could work

There is no hard and fast rule of what content would work and what would not. But a free tool that could help readers is its use on repeated basis, a guide that could lead its readers as to a definitive path which could be used, and an video with amazing content, would definitely have a “repeat value.” And that is all what is required in a good content. Coming to the basics, a “so what” content would not have a repeat value.


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