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Comprehensive Guide to Building Quality Links to Withstand Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On October 5, 2012

Comprehensive Guide to Building Quality Links to Withstand Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates

Google has become more stringent on the web owners about ranking the websites. It has come up with various updates on improving the quality. The major effective updates are panda and penguin.

While Panda puts more emphasis on the quality of content, Penguin has given an alert to the web owners who used a lot of links to get traffic on their sites and the low quality links are considered as spam. Due to this, various website owners had to face difficulties because their website started to rank lower in the search engines and some of them even got their website banned permanently.

After the updates, there has been a debate on what website owner can do to improve the rankings on the search engines. Link building has contributed greatly to market the products and services in the web world. It plays an important role in search engine optimization.

However, after the Google’s update, it has become more challenging for link building team to meet the requirements. Here, we will discuss a few effective techniques of link building which can definitely help web masters to improve the rankings on the search engines:

Get quality links from Press Release

Mainly, there are two ways to get the links from Press Release. You can either create your own press release to do the link building or you can get your links placed on someone else’s press release. Creating your own press release is a more effective way. The quality of the content is the most important factor after Google has released its update. You must write a quality Press Release which can grab the attention of the readers and offer valuable information. You can enhance your writing skills to write a quality Press Release or hire a skilled writer who can do this job for you in an organized manner.

Get quality links from Press Release

Below mentioned are some of the techniques to create an impressive Press Release:

  • Attention-grabbing headline

We all are aware of the fact that headline makes an impact on the readers. We only read the information which we get attracted to. For an instance, a newspaper has various news but we only tend to read the entire news which has an attention grabbing headline.

In the same manner, the headline of the Press release must be very catchy and holds the meaning of the entire content. It has also been noticed that some headlines are very attractive but they are not relevant to what has been written in the PR. This leaves the readers very disappointed.

  • Share unique ideas

If you want that people must read your press release, you must give the unique ideas in your write-up. You must ask your content writer to use his skills to put together a content which is not just the copy of the information already available on the internet. It is recommended to research a lot before actually writing a press release.

  • Address Reader’s Problems

One of the best ways to engage the readers is to offer solutions to their problems. This way, they will find that they have utilized the time in a better way and would visit the link presented in the Press release. You have to assure them their problems are real and they have solutions too.

Placing Links in a press release

You must follow the below mentioned trend in placing the links in a press release:

  • It is strongly recommended not to use too many links as it will look promotional. These days, Google has started penalizing the websites containing a lot of links. The website either ranks lower or is completely banned.
  • Link all your links in a strategic manner so that they should not appear forced. You must not start linking the content and the web pages from the beginning. You can use an effective strategy to get better results.
  • Use different URLs for linking press release to the website. It is important to understand which the home page is and which one is the landing page. You must not direct your visitors to the same page only. You can link some of them to the home page and some to the other pages such as landing or inner pages.
  • You must place keywords within the content to make effective links. You should not use anchor text such as “read more” and link it to the home page. The relevant anchor text placement will increase the traffic more.


Know the Importance of image links

The readers get more impressed by the images of the product & services. Getting links from these images would be the better option. It has been observed that people overlook the technique of linking images to the site. However, they should know that it can bring more traffic because people would view the pictures and eventually visit your site.

Importance of image links

Below mentioned are some of the best practices of image link building:

  • High quality images

You must get the images on the website which is more professional looking. Apart from that, you are needed to know that the pictures must be of high-resolution because blurry images will not be viewed by the visitors anyway. It the images are good, a good link building can be implemented. You can even hire graphic designers who can work on the high quality images and put on your website.

  • Add images more often

It is strongly recommended to add the images to the website more frequently. This is because people love to view fresh content and the picture. This is the best way you can grab the attention of the visitors. You can even schedule the updation on the image such as weekly basis.

  • Compression of images

The speed of the page can be suppressed by large images. This is the reason why it is important to compress the images. The huge library of the images can really slow down the speed of the site. You must optimize your images. There are a lot of tools available which you can use to perform the compression of the images. The platforms like WordPress offer free and paid plugins to do this work efficiently.

The images can make a great difference in the rankings of the website and you can use them to get enormous visitors. The visuals make more impact on the users than the text and getting traffic with images is easier than any other way.


The power of social media links

These days, everyone loves to get associated with the social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. Getting links from these platforms would be a great idea because you will get quality links along with millions of visitors. Social signals have occupied a special place in the search engine optimization technique because it can fetch you the visitors which you might not be able to achieve otherwise.

You must follow the below mentioned tips to get the quality links from the social media platforms:

  • Use relevant platforms-

It is suggested to create an account on those platforms which offer the same business purpose and ideas such as Triberr. Whatever you publish on such platform will automatically be shared among others. In the web world, you will find the like-minded people very on these sites easily and make the maximum use.

  • Make the most of social sharing buttons

One of the best ways to share your content with others is to use the social sharing buttons. To make it more effective, you can make them available at the end of the post because people would read the information and act positively if it is impressive enough. They will even recommend others to view your information and buy the products and services offered by you.

  • Encourage others to share

You must encourage others to share your content or like your post. This will build your online reputation and you will not have to do much to bring a lot of visitors to your website. It is suggested to send them emails to share your content with others. You might not be sure if they will do it for you but you must put in efforts to do it. In the social networking site like Facebook, you can invite others to join groups and participate in the events. This will bring you tremendous traffic.

  • High quality content

In the web world, you have to be true and offer the content which contains the quality. The videos, images and information must be up to the mark; else, you will not be able to get the desired results. Some of the content which makes an impact on the readers include info graphics, blog posts and interviews. Getting links from high quality content is one of the ways to comply with the Google’s latest guidelines. Your website will improve the rankings in the major search engines.

The Anchor Text

Many a times, SEO specialists ignore the importance of anchor text in the link building. This may result in the serious consequences. It has been noticed that appropriate anchor text can direct the visitors to your website very easily. Most of the web owners do not pay attention to the anchor text and they just place the links and make the wrong choice of anchor text. Below mentioned are some of the tips which you can use to diversify the anchor texts:

  • Make the links on your brand name-

If you want to highlight your products & services and the brand, one of the best ways is to get the anchor text of your brand name and create a link to your official website. This is the most effective way to get the potential customers for your business. For an instance, any product from Apple can include iPhone, iPad and Apple as anchor text to visit the web pages of the Apple website.

  • Exact match the keyword-

You must match the keyword with the anchor text. This way, you can optimize the blog or article in a better manner and create links using the diversified anchor text.

  • Match the keyword partially-

Google has started penalizing the websites for over optimization. In order to avoid it, you can match the keyword partially with the anchor text and get the visitors as well as better rankings on the search engines.

  • Non-Descriptive links

You can include the anchor text such as ‘Read more and Click here to get more traffic on the site. These links have zero keyword value and would be quite beneficial if the content is of high quality. It has been noticed that website owners place these anchor texts in the wrong places. You must not use them in the beginning unless it is required. This will allow the users to read the information till the end and they will be able to get familiar with the services of other details offered by you. On the other hand, if you place these links in the beginning, the readers would leave the current page and jump to another.

  • The links same as the page title

In order to be more specific, you must use some of the keywords as the page title. It will make the readers clear on what they are going to view in the next clicks. This is also one of the user-friendly way to bring interact with your customers.


We must agree on the fact that the link building is a great way to become popular in the web world. However, it is equally important to adhere to the guidelines of the search engines which would eventually rank the site. If we do not improve on quality and do an effective link building, we cannot expect search engines like Google to help us promote the business and brand. Above mentioned techniques are really helpful for web masters who are considerate about bringing their website back on the top positions on the search engines.


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