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Core Essentials for your SEO Strategy – Quality Backlinks and Content

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 11, 2012

Core Essentials for your SEO Strategy – Quality Backlinks and Content

Content is king. This is one phrase you are well versed with if you want to be in the good books of the search engine bots. The ‘one page optimization’ is said to be a great tool when it comes to SEO. The best part is that this one page optimization solution can be done very easily without a professional’s assistance. You can spend your time to tinker, refine,  and continuously keep your data updated. The keywords that you believe are effective can lose its charm very easily. Luckily with the help of tools like Google Analytics you can still manage to be sailing on the top most keyword trends and hence alter your content accordingly.

The off-page optimization on the other hand can be much trickier. It all depends on how many third parties have the links to your website. Gone are those old days wherein the success of your site would depend upon the number of back links that you have. It is the quality of your links and not the quantity of them that matter to search engine giants like Google. Building up these quality links can be a thorough challenge but you must accomplish it if you want a good ranking for your page. A clear and concise strategy on getting the right quality of back links is hugely important.

How to derive at a Quality Link?

Similar to how the Google crawlers or bots are continuously ranking and evaluating your website, they are doing the exact same process to the other infinite number of websites as well. What is the algorithm that they use to display the search results on the front page is still a big mystery.

Core Essentials for your SEO Strategy

Most of the search engine optimization work conducted is based on one’s guesses. These guesses are guided by experience and observation. For instance, there are some sires like BBC, CNN etc. that are instantaneously recognized by the search engine making the search engine trust the fact that since the back links etc are on these trusted sites, even they are reliable.

For the other websites that do not have a huge brand name, the Alexa rankings could provide assistance on the website popularity. A website, as we know can be searched on several variables. The back links that you give must be in line with your main content.

The Importance of PR (Press Release)

Importance of Press ReleaseThe press releases have taken shape in full form. No longer would you find detective like reporters making the rounds to catch some news and broadcast it immediately. With the help of the press release their job only gets better. The news delivered is real time and publishing it, or rather uploading it is not even a task.

You will see a plethora of new or press releases online. Sure, they would not all be CNN, IBN news channels or new sources but there will be genuine information displayed as news and at the speed of lightening, thus it all happens in real time. Make use of the appropriate keyword and you stand a chance to be on the number one ranking of the page.

Other sources of having quality back links

The guest posting are a great way to have your back links on. Post on several forums, discussions etc. thus reflecting your own business.

Social media marketing is also one of the best options. The ‘tweets’ and ‘wall posting’ etc. shows that you mean serious business. The discussions by members etc. only help increasing your chances of getting suitable back links.


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