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Disavowing links as per Penguin

Posted In Google Penguin Update

Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 20, 2012

Disavowing links as per Penguin

With the release of Google’s latest update on penguin, the entire SEO industry is talking about how the “negativity” has just seeped in, experts also talk about disavowing links. The rules are now stringent, to avoid being penalized by the giant Google, the SEOs are disavowing the links from their sites, the ones that they have placed as well as the ones that are just there even as back links. This is the sole way to restructure ones dropping ranking on Google supposedly. Well there is a lot more than needs to be done by the SEO, but yes, by disavowing the links, that’s a good start!

Google’s latest update on penguin

There are some links that genuinely just appear on your site beyond your control. It is ridiculous to be so strict so as to have a strong barrier for the same, however that it what he penguin update has ensured. Here are a few ways to checkmate this situation.

  • 1) Avoid getting caught in spam. Yes the links are not in your control, however they are bad links and you have to keep Google posted regularly and also seem convincing that those bad links aren’t yours. Your petition will be heard and if you can clear 80% of those bad links, you can still be considered as ‘trustworthy’ by Google.
  • 2) There are a lot of these automated spam buildup software’s that can flood your good SEO and fill it with bad links. This can affect your credit rating on Google. Hence device a plan that will help you check what’s goes on in your SEO with or beyond your control.
  • 3) The downfall here is that by disavowing the links you are at times losing valuable links also. There are some links that keep you in the loop and make a ‘connection’, which sadly with the penguin update you would have to change.
  • 4) In the end, it is probably better that Google comes out with a suggestion list of why and how your SEO has failed, this way at least you are aware of which are truly the bad links you’re your SEO. You can get it rectified and file a petition for reconsideration. Yes it is a time consuming process, but it will take you through what Google really expects through Penguin.



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