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Google opens its program of Trusted Stores Seal to all Merchants in the U.S. For Free

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 9, 2012

Google opens its program of Trusted Stores Seal to all Merchants in the U.S. For Free

Since October 2011, Google has been subjecting its program of Trusted Stores seal to tests. Presently, they are opening the program to all merchants in the U.S. and it has a sign-up interface that is self service.

Participating merchants will get a “Trusted Stores” badge and it will open to provide details about the shipping as well as customer service record. The badge appears by the side of the AdWords ads of the company. It is not a signal on ranking.

Google explains that it is a certification on ecommerce to make shoppers more comfortable when they do their purchases from unknown stores.

Positive impact on order sizes and conversion rates-

According to Google 50 merchants who participated in the beta version have experienced an increase with their order sizes and conversion rates. Some of the well known brands of ecommerce have increased their conversion rates by 1.4 to 3.1 and the order sizes by 0.9 to 5.5. It is believed that relatively unknown ecommerce brands will experience higher levels of increase.

Google has got motivated to spend considerable resources and offer this facility free to merchants because they think that the seal will make customers to trust ecommerce sites and the sales will increase for the merchants. They in turn need to have more AdWords ads.

Google Free Trusted Stores Seal to all Merchants in the U.S

At the moment, the program of trusted stores has the elements mentioned below.

  •  – User ratings
  • – Reliability in shipping
  • – Customer service
  • – Purchase protection for consumers worth $1000

According to Google the program will encapsulate more elements later that will include even phone support.

Small businesses becoming a challenge-

A problem Google is encountered is the inability of small businesses to send shipping information frequently. However, Google is ready with a remedy also. It is going to be a huge project. The pilot program had 10 million shoppers and the money used exceeded 1 billion dollars.


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