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Google Panda/Penguin Update: How And Why This Update is a Blessing to SEO Seekers & Providers

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On August 15, 2012

Google Panda/Penguin Update: How And Why This Update is a Blessing to SEO Seekers & Providers

Google keeps changing its ranking algorithms to remove the spamming, weak websites from the first pages and rank the best and genuine websites. The latest Google’s Panda update has resulted in lowering the rank of sites which were marketed using black hat SEO.

Below mentioned are some of the key points which elaborate how Google’s update is good for SEO:

  • The importance of authority

The major reason why Google’s algorithm keeps on changing is due to the fact that people use bad link building techniques to get the links from the sites. The main focus of Google’s penguin update is the back linking. According to the new update, more emphasis is on the quality of links and the linking sites rather than the number of links present on the site. The webmasters who have been buying links to increase the traffic would face a sudden decline in the ranking on major search engines.
  • Quality Content

Apart from white hat SEO techniques, the content continues to be the king of the web world. The websites, which are ranking high on the search engines, would be the ones with good and high quality content. Now, the webmasters have to get the quality content rather than the advertisements and a lot of links from the other sites because such content will not cause the higher ranking on major search engines.
  • Natural links would survive

According to the Penguin’s update, the natural backlinks will be given more preference. The sites with natural and high quality links would be ranked on the first pages of major search engines. This has forced the SEO experts to implement white hat SEO techniques.
  • More Stable SEO

Due to this update of Google’s algorithm, the SEO would be more stabilized than ever before. The SEO experts have to consider only the high quality link building and adding more quality content on the site. This would eventually bring good and reliable business owners on the topmost searches on the search engines leaving the spamming behind.

Because of this update, the business owners, SEO experts and companies have to make sure to deliver content. Many websites have to change their ways of marketing on the internet and implement only the high quality marketing techniques. The algorithm has really helped the genuine and reliable business owners because they will not have to face the competition in the web world due to black hat SEO techniques.


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