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Google’s hot search to display only the hottest searches

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 16, 2012

Google’s hot search to display only the hottest searches

It is human nature to pry into other people’s business. As if searching what’s on your own mind is not enough that most of us also want to know what is on the other persons mind as well. Yes, this seems like a very daunting task but with the latest Hot Searches available in the Google Trends you can easily to do. You can stay connection with the world by knowing what others are browsing, the hot topic of discussion etc. In short, you stay in the loop.

With this feature Hot Searches; you will be able to see the list of the hottest topics that are being searched by others. Hence, if it is some breaking news, this feature guides you to click on it. This search list is normally updates every hour. A special Google algorithm is used to analyze several searches that are being made and also takes a decision on which query is being looked out for more than the usual number of times.

Google Hot Search

The latest trend in this Hot Searches option is its new look which includes the searches based more on visual, group related search items and also provides you the info about these searched items.

It has very rich links and images that are related to the news articles, you can go through the list and get a brief idea as to why these topics are being searched for more than the usual, what is so happening about it at that moment etc. The previous versions of this Hot Searches list included on a daily basis 20 hot searches. However the updated and latest one have a more refined and filtered system running through it that ensure that the list only would include the truly hottest news being worth considered story of the day. If at all many sites are being browsed concerning the same story then they are aggregated or rather clubbed together and displayed under the heading Related searches that are there to support the main story. The new updates Hot Searches even indicates how many of these searches done are conducted on each topic in those twenty four hours while it was the trending topic.


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