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How Blogging Influences And Benefits SEO Efforts

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On August 6, 2012

How Blogging Influences And Benefits SEO Efforts

Having our own blog is a sure shot way of capitalizing on the benefits of search engine optimization techniques. Many businesses and companies have identified this opportunity and are coming up with blog sections for their website. Some of the best SEO benefits achieved from a blog are as follows.

Regular Content Update to Attract Attention

Search engines like Google value sites with regularly updated content more than sites that update less frequently. A blog allows you to add fresh information on a regular basis increasing search engine attention towards it.  This results in higher search engine visibility and also increased user following. This is the best way to increase your blog’s ranking in search results.

Provide High Quality Information

Updating your blog regularly is not enough. You need to update it with high quality information that will keep the readers glued to their screens and make them check back for more. Quality posts also increase the chances of users quoting or sharing your blog elsewhere in the web resulting in spontaneous link backs.

More Keywords Can Be Targeted

General website content can only include a few keywords per page and usually website pages are limited based on the products and services. Blogs on the other hand can have numerous entries and each entry can be used to target different keywords. This is a great way to feature in relevant search results pretty fast.

Perfect For Long Tail Search Terms

Blog posts can be effectively used to target long tail search results. These keywords normally cannot be included inside usual website pages due to keyword spamming issues. Long tail keywords are usually much less competitive and thoughtful construction of the blog can gain long tail ranking on search engines very quickly.

Link Building Heaven

When it comes to link building, blogs can perform exceptionally well. You can link between your own blog entries according to relevance or you can link to other blogs falling in your domain to attract their attention towards you blog. This is one of the best white hat link building techniques available today.  Also the use of RSS feed URLs for your blogs a safe and effective way to build popularity which in turn generates a high amount of linkbacks.

Easier To Build a Follower Community

The comments feature of blogs allows users to share their opinion with you and other fellow readers. This is a great way to build a community of followers as users have the chance to discuss, dissect and appreciate your contents and other relevant topics freely without any restrictions. Apart from the users sharing your blog address, it also translates into increased blog activity. This is highly regarded by search engines and might result in page rank gain as well.

As evident from the points mentioned, blogging is a cheap but effective way to improve visibility to your site from a search engine’s perspective. It is fairly easy to update blogs regularly but it can earn significant benefits that you may not have been aware of. So start blogging today!


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