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How to improve social engagements in Mobile applications

Posted In Mobile Apps,SEO,Social Media

Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On August 15, 2012

How to improve social engagements in Mobile applications

The competition on the internet has become stiffer than ever before. Various websites have utilized the advanced marketing techniques to improve the traffic and hence sales. However, the social engagements for mobile apps are still questioned by people. Being social can mean that getting engaged with the people from same or different niches on the internet.

A variety of ways are available to promote the mobile apps and five of them are mentioned as below:

  • Understand ‘Being Social’

Many users ask how they can become social. It is strongly recommended to understand how they can become social in a real sense. The social apps are developed in such a way that they have all the features of getting friendly with other people. If you want to be social, you must make sure to connect to as many people as you can who are on the same platform. In order to have an amazing experience, you must be able to connect to the entire social network on the mobile app and get connected to thousands of users.

  • Facebook  Connect

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites these days. People from different parts of the world connect to this site and then, with the rest of the world. This site has become popular among children, teenagers, adults and even old people. Everyone loves to stay in touch with their family friends and loved ones through this site.

Facebook connect is one of the powerful tools which can be used to get socialized with people on the mobiles. The developers are able to access the user’s friend data using this app. The data have proven to be helpful for these people a lot.

  • Social sharing in the logical places

Sharing on social networking sites is the most powerful means which can market your products and services in a better way. However, sharing in the spam spaces can bring about the negative remarks among people. The sharing must be done to make sure that they should not enhance spamming. This may be the bad marketing on your part if you share in the wrong places.

  • Communication among friends through mobile apps

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social platforms. People have been using them for communicating with others who are sitting miles apart. There are mainly two methods of communications which can be used by a person. One is the active communication which can be established via chat, sending playlists, image sharing and various rating systems etc. On the other hand, the passive communication is established by reading feeds and news & updates. Social applications on mobile can easily be used for both active and passive communications.

Above mentioned are some of the key points which must be taken into account for being socialized using mobile apps.


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