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Increasing possibility of directory acceptance

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On September 4, 2009

Increasing possibility of directory acceptance

The owners of many websites would like to increase their possibility of being accepted by the owners of various directories. All the rules and guidelines, which have been laid down by the owner of the directory, should be followed in a proper manner in order to ensure that the right kind of acceptance is gained from the owner of the directory. There are many different methods of promoting a website which are very effective and they will not exceed the allocated budget. Many people who have their own business on the Internet will make use of such methods in order to gain acceptance from the owner of a directory. But there are certain rules regarding submission to a directory that have not been specified very clearly and they can be bypassed.

There are a large number of search engine optimization directories available on the Internet and every directory will have its own individual set of rules and regulations, which should be followed in order to, earn a place in the directory. This will help in increasing the probability of your submission being accepted by the owner of the directory.

Only home pages to be submitted –
There are certain SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly directories, which are available on the Internet, which will only accept the home page as a submission. Deep linking is not something, which is encouraged by these directories. There are certain directories, which are ready to give permission for deep linking for an individual page, and deep linking can be done with the help of a sub folder. But if deep linking is not something, which is acceptable, then there is a huge possibility that your entry will be rejected.

Website titles containing keywords – The title for the website will also have to be submitted along with the entry. A maximum of three to five words should be used in the field which has been allocated for the title of the website. There is a huge probability of the website being rejected if the title of the website is too large. The title will help in providing the link which will lead back to your website. The title of the website is a very important aspect which needs to be taken into account while preparing submissions for a directory. There are certain directories which will ask for a website title to be submitted while some will ask for keywords to be submitted. But the title of the website as well as the keywords which are being submitted should come within the rules and regulations of the website.

Selection of category – the selection of the right category is also an important factor for directory submissions. The selection of the wrong category can result in the directory submission being rejected. According to the rules and guidelines, which have been laid down by every directory, it is important to select the deepest category, which is available. The category which has a direct relationship to the products and the services which are being advertised on the website should be selected.

Usage of free e-mail – Making use of a free e-mail can also lead to your directory submission being rejected. The e-mail address of the domain should be entered at the time of submission. Otherwise the owner of the directory will feel that a complete non-entity is requesting for submission to the directory.


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