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Is Bing going the Google way?

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 15, 2012

Is Bing going the Google way?

Just as Google has been regularly updating people about the various changes in algorithms etc. since the past one year, Bing too has taken up this responsibility of doing so since a few months back. Any changes that it implements to improve its search quality is made public.


The latest of this Bing update shows how systematically this competitive search engine mentions just three of its implemented changes in a very in depth manner unlike its biggest threat Google that floods the SEO concerned people with so much of ‘surface level’ information about all its updates. Here is the list f the latest updates that have been revealed by Bing.

Better URL Handling

Bing has specified that any typo or error on the side of the searchers end when typing the domain name has been improved. For instance, if someone spells as or any such similar typos then Bing automatically redirects the searcher to the original page. This is one update that really gives a good experience to the searchers.

However on the downside, the SEO guys have some work to do. If they plan on pulling traffic by counterfeiting names similar to popular domains then they are in a big situation.

Bing states that it has done an extensive research that actually proves that the typos are genuine by the searchers and it is of great help to have the page that they want opened despite of the error.

Elimination of the Recourse Links

The recourse links are those that Bing places on any search result page when the users query get changed to try and match whats in their mind. These recourse links have been visible by Bing in some of the most superfluous occasions and off topic times when these links were not at all required and actually wastes the users time. However, now they have stopped this process and only display the links that the user hits for.

Better Search Results

As states by one of the Bing officials, the search engines query expansion system at times leads to off topic related searches and even shares the instance of search for the “AMD L3 Cache” wherein a few of the searches looked for were merely medically oriented.

But now, Bings improved relevance scoring for the topics searched for has b\kept the results on track. A much better and cleaner set of suggestions with les duplicated content can be expected of Bing now.


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