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Linking – The new addition to the SEO routine

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 13, 2012

Linking – The new addition to the SEO routine

How far can a small time business survive only on the search engines listing? It is a risk that not all business men are willing to take. A mere listing with the help of the SEO tactics will not get you anywhere far. The additional support that can really make a difference is “linking”. Linking exchanging and reciprocal linking id in the boundaries of the guidelines lay down by search engine giants like Google and Bing.

The small and medium business owners have understood that while the SEO way works for them, they need a more intensive online marketing tactic that can increase traffic to their site. Those visitors of people who browse the relevant links mentioned on the websites have a high chance of getting converted into customers as compared to any other visitor. This is because they have already taken the first step of showing interest in your product or service by following your link.

The relevant and useful links to the high quality websites can do more than just getting a top rank, it can help you stay on the first page listing for long in fact. By adding new links again and again on your site, you are in a way adding in new content. This is recognized by the search engine bots and recorded as an updated site, thus providing you a good listing. This gesture proves that your website is alive and kicking and not some old dormant site that has no new information on it.

Purchasing these links however is unethical. Let us not forget the big Google/JC Penny scandal that had taken place. It was because of this scandal that all the other search engine providers had to compulsorily acknowledge the pervasiveness and size of the black market black links and reprimand or penalize the webmaster behind who has done it.

When you link, you are also making use of branding. This is one of the best ways to establish a brand name. You just need to get it out there, fair and square!

Hence, the bottom line is, You have to keep making use of the links and not let some search engine bot tell you how to get more traffic on your website. Linking also falls in the realm of the SEO regime.


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