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Jun 201225

How Big Data is Fundamentally Changing Local Search

As per the Pew Research Center conducted in January 2011, Big data has the potential to alter the way people can be enlightened about their local communities. Especially in the “SoLoMo” era of today, a handful of legacy stakeholders is said to be dominating the way we share news, events and opinions about our local communities, or even access the search engine for executing a local search. According to BIA/Kelsey, around

Jun 201220

Disavowing links as per Penguin

With the release of Google’s latest update on penguin, the entire SEO industry is talking about how the “negativity” has just seeped in, experts also talk about disavowing links. The rules are now stringent, to avoid being penalized by the giant Google, the SEOs are disavowing the links from their sites, the ones that they have placed as well as the ones that are just there even as back links.

Jun 201216

Google’s hot search to display only the hottest searches

It is human nature to pry into other people’s business. As if searching what’s on your own mind is not enough that most of us also want to know what is on the other persons mind as well. Yes, this seems like a very daunting task but with the latest Hot Searches available in the Google Trends you can easily to do. You can stay connection with the world by

Jun 201215

Is Bing going the Google way?

Just as Google has been regularly updating people about the various changes in algorithms etc. since the past one year, Bing too has taken up this responsibility of doing so since a few months back. Any changes that it implements to improve its search quality is made public.   The latest of this Bing update shows how systematically this competitive search engine mentions just three of its implemented changes in

Jun 201214

The serious issue of inorganic links on your website

It is a known fact that just flooding your website content with keyword and back links can get you penalized, the worse – your site can be barred on the search engine.  The Google Webmasters Help forum states that there is a certain percentage of the inorganic links that you would have to maintain. This way you can avoid being penalized for the inorganic links on your website. Acquiring or

Jun 201213

Linking – The new addition to the SEO routine

How far can a small time business survive only on the search engines listing? It is a risk that not all business men are willing to take. A mere listing with the help of the SEO tactics will not get you anywhere far. The additional support that can really make a difference is “linking”. Linking exchanging and reciprocal linking id in the boundaries of the guidelines lay down by search

Jun 201212

Mobile SEO – The fast changing trend

The SEO saga just had to spread to the smart phones as well. It is of course no doubt that it was well forecasted. With the smart phones taking over, content has to be treated more than a king in this case. Listed from the horse’s mouth, here is some of Goggles official recommendation for the SEO strategies for the smart phones. The mobile SEO strategy must be in line

Jun 201211

Core Essentials for your SEO Strategy – Quality Backlinks and Content

Content is king. This is one phrase you are well versed with if you want to be in the good books of the search engine bots. The ‘one page optimization’ is said to be a great tool when it comes to SEO. The best part is that this one page optimization solution can be done very easily without a professional’s assistance. You can spend your time to tinker, refine,  and

Jun 201211

Checklist for having Stickier Content

Anyone who has craving for a stickier content, having tendency to linger in the minds and memories of its readers, do consider asking the “So what?” question after it is written. If your content screams “So what?” after it is read, it is not the optimal one for equating links, traffic and authority! In other words, if you are planning to invest in buying any content, you have to check

Jun 201210

The Google Updates with regards to SEO – June

Google has released the search quality changes as a part of their monthly updates. There were about 39 of them which Google has shared, however the most important one remains Penguin. On the 25th and 26th of May Google had changed their penguin algorithm. There was a debate whether the changes made were just a refresh or was there really some big change in the algorithm. The key changes that