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Pinterest: An emerging social network

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 26, 2012

Pinterest: An emerging social network

In the age of social networking websites where some like facebook have revolutionized and even taken over many others, Pinterest is growing at the fastest rate for a social networking website. It is now at a record ten million plus users and is slated to grow even more. The growth is calculated at a staggering four hundred percent with people readily signing up to the motive of joining to this social network. Pinterest has certain features that are pinning it to be rising to the top catching up even with the likes of twitter and facebook.


Pinterest has been gaining great reviews and associations since its launch in 2010 and has the highest users in a record time in comparison to the other social networking websites. The pinterest is basically to pin the different interests such as business, craft, hobbies, gifts and a lot more. The users constantly are spending more than an hour on an average basis on the website. Considering its launch in the recent times and such increasing users and actions, Pinterest is predicted to compete well with the likes of facebook and twitter.

Pinterest  social network


Pinterest has many users from many locations. The users are kids in large numbers and include men and women both following. The business seems to be growing great with Pinterest and its attention. The steep rise in the business due to its mention and follow up on Pinterest people are signing up more making it a business oriented domain too. The pinterest shoppers follow more retailers than those on twitter and facebook. A call to action pin has immediate effects making it a prompt and important priority of the people using it. People are tending towards shopping more than referrals related to Pinterest than through any others. The pinterest can be foreseen at a huge pinnacle from now with the rate at which it is growing and being compared to the famous and top social networks. The leisure, shopping and designing features are making it attract people from all walks of life towards it. The kids and elders’ proportion is different in it as compared to other websites but everyone on it has a suitable purpose that they work very well towards.

Pinterest with its growing popularity in both genders has been turning things around for the dominating social network sites. These sites have been sent an alarm with the exponential growth that Pinterest is receiving with its pinnings. The pins being mostly re pins, with its supporters believing in their network and indulgence is making a great difference to the result of the participation. Pinterest is being taken as a serious contender for the top spot in the race to being the best social network giving people all benefits of their virtual lifestyle.


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