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Questions To Ask Your B2B SEO Expert

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 30, 2012

Questions To Ask Your B2B SEO Expert

Most of the businesses today are benefiting from hiring SEO experts to achieve business goals and marketing objectives of their organization. However, the business managers do have to keep tab on the workings of the SEO experts, so as to ensure that their workings are much in line with the company business objectives. In order to do the same, every business manager ought to keep three questions in mind. One, whether the plan implemented by the SEO expert is in tandem with the consumer-oriented (B2C) SEO program. Two, the B2B SEO methodologies implemented by the SEO expert. Three, whether the program implemented by the SEO expert directly contributes to the business goals. Answers to the three questions can help a business manager estimate the efficacy of the methodologies implemented by his SEO expert.

Firstly, every business manager must ensure that his SEO expert is not rendering one-size-fits-all solution for the company. Most of the fundamental elements in SEO implementation are similar for B2B and B2C websites. But these fundamental elements can be understood and implemented by every business manager by browsing through valuable sites operating on the internet. The fact that an SEO expert is hired, makes it necessary for such expert to render a tailor-made solution for the company. Your SEO expert should be able to communicate the SEO Plan and Keyword Map addresses searcher behavior before the buying cycle endeavored by him. As such, your SEO expert ought to have considered types of search phrases such as Product evaluation phrases, General market research phrases, and Purchase ready queries, for optimizing all the SEO efforts for your organization.

Next, your SEO expert should consider certain specific link-related questions or pointers. As such, he should analyze the placement of links on the website, and whether the link can further provide a list of short URLs. He should understand as to why certain sites place link to his client’s website. Understanding the content on the website and whether the business link has a certain marketing value, has to be considered by your SEO expert. An complete compliance with the search engine guidelines is something which every SEO expert cannot neglect. The compliance to guidelines has recently been brought to limelight by Google Webmaster Guidelines, amongst some others in business.

Certain B2B SEO metrics which you SEO expert can ponder upon are – the volume of returning visitors, organic conversion goals, analyzing of whitepaper research or study, and comparing branded vs. non-branded keywords or phrases.

Following the aforementioned criteria in managing your website or websites, your SEO expert can certainly justify in fulfilling your company’s marketing objectives as well as consumer focus!


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