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The 5 mistakes in press release that you make often

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Posted On May 20, 2009

The 5 mistakes in press release that you make often

It’s not as easy to write a press release. Now this can be because of format problems or other problems which will make all you efforts nil. Editors, reporters get many press releases per day and they do not have time to read all of them. They do read all of them but not fully. They just read the first paragraph and make out the quality in the rest of the words.

So what makes your press release gets rejected? I will let you know about this:

  1. Nothing but selling criteria: You will not be allowed by editors to get your press release published if they find some kind of greedy person in you writing with worst skills. They allow selling pitch but it needs to be in appropriate format. You do not have the authority to break the rules or the cheat the system and thus you will never succeed.
  2. Hiring wrong person: I have come across that are written by some people who know about press release but do not have much experience in writing press release. It is not the fact that you need to be actually a journalist to write a press release but still don’t hire a person who have less knowledge about this. You should know that a little knowledge is dangerous than having nothing.
  3. Avoid them: There are sometime the cases that you will find that even you have submitted an interesting stories but still your press release is not published. This can be due to many cases and some of the times you are ignored because of nothing. So you must make sure that you are submitting to some sites which are good and recommended.
  4. Spend time: Some people think that this is nothing but just getting a link for their website. This is not true. They sometimes thinks this and write press release in minutes or hours but if you are a newbie or a experienced then you must allow enough time to write it. Check it by reading it atleast two times and if you have a friend then make him to read it. This will help you to get views from him which will make the press release perfect.
  5. Bend truth: Write whatever is true and do not try to deviate from what you are writing. Do not write press release which will be copied or will be paralyzed as this is never a good practice.

There are many benefits which you can get but many ignore this and write it as a formality. Don’t only think to get a link only through press release but also make efforts in them so that you can get traffic as well as conversion rates. There are many press release directories which are free as well as paid. Now it completely depends upon the budget you have for your online marketing. The paid ones will get more promotion of your press release and you will be easily picked up from other editors, reporters etc.


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