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The Google Updates with regards to SEO – June

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 10, 2012

The Google Updates with regards to SEO – June

Google has released the search quality changes as a part of their monthly updates. There were about 39 of them which Google has shared, however the most important one remains Penguin. On the 25th and 26th of May Google had changed their penguin algorithm. There was a debate whether the changes made were just a refresh or was there really some big change in the algorithm.

The key changes that have been reportedly implemented include the inorganic link signals, the changes in the title tag, news ranking changes, freshness changes and also some of the mobile local changes.

  1. –  Better the applications of the inorganic signals of the back links. This was launched with the “page quality” code name.
  2. –  A much smoother ratings functions for the purpose of freshness.” Flsp” was the code name of this update.
  3. –  A much better ‘search’ for fresh content on the website. “Pineapple” was the launch code name.
  4. –  Change in the algorithms for maintaining freshness. “Febofy” being the project launch name.
  5. –  To trigger the “alt” title when the title in HTML has been truncated. This change makes a combination of the word used to provide a fresh and latest search results.
  6. –  In attempts to the alternative title generation, there have also been the efficiency improvements. The launch code name for this update was “snippets”. The title generation efficiency level has been improved with this update.
  7. –  A lot of improvement with regards to the news results ranking. The signals that were used to rank the news articles or pages have been changed.  With the implementation of this particular change, the news articles are given better rankings.
  8. –  Better relegation of the boilerplate anchor tags in the title generation at an alternate level. It was launched by the name “snippets”.
  9. –  Better detection of the pages that has been hacked. GPGB” was the name by which this update was launched. Previously the Google algorithms would focus exclusively only on he homepages however now the hackings are reaching the deeper pages of the wide, the latest update takes care of the same as well.


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