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The new feature in Google Translator

Posted In Google Translator

Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 5, 2012

The new feature in Google Translator

The first Translation plug-in was launched in September 2009 by Google itself. Ever since, there have been various other sites following its footsteps and having that plug in on their sites as well. Google is going on improvising their services when it comes to the translation, unless and until some Artificial Intelligence is created, you would still find certain drawbacks in the translated page.

new feature in Google Translator

Thus, Google is launching a new feature, which is still in its experimental mode in beta, which will allow its users to customize as well as improve the Website Translator plug in to suit your expectations. On adding this customized meta tag to any of the websites, the visitors can see the translations that are customized whenever they make use of the translator option whether in Chrome or on Google Toolbar. The visitors will also come across an option to ‘suggest translation better’ when they find that a translated line is not suitable, later on you can have these suggestions application on your site.

Getting started:

  •  – Add the plug-in Website Translator  and then the customized meta tag on your website
  •  – Then from one of the 60+ languages that are available translate the page with the use of Website Translator

For tweaking a translation:

  •  – Drift over any of the translated sentences so as to get the original text displayed.
  •  – Then have the option ‘Contribute a better translation’ clicked.
  •  – In the end, click on any of the phrases to select an alternative translation that appears automatically, or simply just double-click so as to directly edit the translation.

For instance, if you are translating your website into the language Spanish, and say for instance you do not want to translate the word Cat to gato, you want it just the way it is Then ou can tweak your settings accordingly.

If at all you are signed in, whatever corrections you will be making on your site, gets published live. Hence, the next time anyone visits your page, they will see the updated version of what you have translated. If at all, any of your visitors give you a better translation suggestion; this suggestion will wait until and unless you approve of it or reject it. You can also have other editors to contribute to the corrections etc. The Help Center will provide you with all the information needed.

This feature, being in the experimental phase, is currently available free of charge. This feature is sure to get a heads up and fix all the bugs that previously people had troubles with.


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