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The SEO benefits of Guest Posting Service on low PR sites

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On August 10, 2012

The SEO benefits of Guest Posting Service on low PR sites

We all are aware of the fact that guest posting has become one of the most beneficial marketing techniques. The web owners attain back links using this technique and make their site more visible. When you are planning guest posting for the links, you must place them within the content as it gives more visibility to the business and the products.

Why to choose low PR sites

The SEO experts emphasize on the fact that the Guest Posting Service must be performed with low PR sites. Below mentioned are some of the facts related to it:

  • If you consider posting the articles on high PR sites, you might have to wait for a longer time to get the reply from the administrator. On the other hand, low PR sites would give you reply faster and if you are a full-time guest writer, this is going to be the best option for you.
  • High PR sites would only accept and publish the highest quality content. Therefore, if you want to see your articles posted on the sites, low PR sites may help you a lot.
  • You would find that the internet has more low PR sites and high PR sites are limited. If you want to market your business, brands and products with guest posting, low PR sites would give you better results.

How to analyze low PR sites

Posting the articles on low PR sites is more beneficial. However, you must be able to analyze a site where you can post the articles.

  1. You can check the navigation on the site. If it is difficult to use, you must not use it for posting. This is because visitors would not be interested in reading the content. You must make sure that the site is friendly and offers a lot of information.
  2. You should check the dates on the website to make sure that it is maintained properly.  A site with low PR must be updated on a regular basis so that the site must give you benefits in terms of online marketing. Otherwise, no one would find your article and it will be of no use.
  3. It is strongly recommended to analyze the content of the websites. You should check what others are writing on the site. It has been noticed that a good site would include important niches and offer a quality content despite of having low PR.


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