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The serious issue of inorganic links on your website

Posted In Inorganic Links,SEO

Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 14, 2012

The serious issue of inorganic links on your website

It is a known fact that just flooding your website content with keyword and back links can get you penalized, the worse – your site can be barred on the search engine.  The Google Webmasters Help forum states that there is a certain percentage of the inorganic links that you would have to maintain. This way you can avoid being penalized for the inorganic links on your website.

Acquiring or buying the links is not the organic way to go about with it. This is because the inorganic link has its base on the webmasters tools notification of the particular website. If you have received this notification from the webmaster tools then you would have to go through all the inorganic links that you host on your site and have them removed.

It is possible to remove almost 85% of these inorganic links. Once the inorganic links are removed you can submit a reconsideration request to Google. This is in case your website faced the penalty of having so many inorganic links on your site. These activities are considered to be malpractices in SEO and hence the search engines are very rigid on their rules with this regards. 85% in the end is a big number; it also shows that you are genuinely not able to remove more inorganic links than that. It would help to document this fact along with the reconsideration request that you would be sending. That is, get rid of as many inorganic links that you can, send a report to Google as to why you cannot remove the rest, the difficulties that you are facing and Google might just let you sail through, giving your website a second chance. However, once you have been granted the second chance, you would be on the radar, hence be very careful about the inorganic links merely creeping on your website.


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