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Transparency of Copyright Removals on Google Search

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On May 29, 2012

Transparency of Copyright Removals on Google Search

Google believes that being transparent is of utmost importance for internet’s future. When the free flow of information is disturbed through any barrier, there should be transparency around it to find what it is.

In accordance with this, they have launched their transparency report two years ago indicating the kind of information that are accessible on services provided by Google the world over. At the start, the information shared were the requests by governments to remove content from Google services and the information about their users. The next step was to show traffic patterns of their services highlighting occasions where they were disturbed.

Presently, they are expanding their transparency report adding a new section regarding copyright. Especially they are revealing the number of requests they receive from copyright owners (including the bodies which represent them) to remove results of searches of Google as they are being alleged to link with infringing content. The reason for them to start with search is because they remove the most search results on notices on copyright violations than for any other reason. So, they provide information on the senders of notices for copyright removal, the frequency and on whose behalf they are being sent. Both the persons and websites are revealed here. Due to the fact that internet users and policy makers the world over are discussing factors for and against various measures to contain this problem, Google believes that the data they have disclosed will help resolve the problem.

At the onset they will reveal data for July 2011 and move forward revealing the data for each day. The numbers of requests are on the increase, the data reveals. Around 25,000 requests are received per week these days. This exceeds the total requests for the year 2009. During the past month 1.2 million requests were received involving 1000 copyright owners and 24,000 websites.



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