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Uses of Google+ Local – Google Places Is Now Google+ Local

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 2, 2012

Uses of Google+ Local – Google Places Is Now Google+ Local

Outings are always better when they are spontaneous; they are much more fun rather than a preplanned one. Let’s say someday you have a very strong craving for prawns, where do you head to? Whom do you ask for suggestions? You would consult your family members or probably your friends. It is in the end the word from your loved and trusted ones that you would go by as recommendation. Taking this as a base, the Google+ Local functions with ease making the sharing of local information on almost any topic a piece of cake. It features the Zagat recommendations and scores from those whom you trust in your circle of Google +. It has within it an integrated search maps. The Google+ Local is available on mobile phones and as a new tab on your Google+ screen as well.

Integration of local info across Google

With the new Google+ tab conveniently located on your home screen you can easily search for any particular location or browse for something that would fit your mood at that moment. Say for instance you have clicked on museum or restaurant; you will be taken to one of the Google+ local pages. This page would consist of photographs, the Zagat summaries and recommendations, reviews from those whom you know. It would also consist of several other information related to the concerned place.

The everyday products used by us are also integrated in the all new Google+ Local. It is the perfect companion for on the go on your android devices and very soon on iOS device as well.

Zagat recommendations

The addition of Zagat to Google+ Local is a big advancement when it comes to improving the information provided. With Zagat, high quality and reliable reviews and suggestions that are based upon surveys and first hand user submission of the several places are possible. The accurate recommendations and the scores are all clearly highlighted in Google+ Local pages. It is not uncommon to now find Zagats 30-point scale being used as a reference scale to rate the places one would want to know about.

Google Places Replaced by Google+ Local

Suggestions from the trusted clan

Google+ Local understands what it is like to have loved ones with you. How their opinions matter and how their suggestions are more valuable than any official review. Thus, if you are searching for something, say Chinese eat-out joint, the results on Google+ Local would show you the recommendations by anyone in your circle in connection to your search. If suppose you have to gift your friend a birthday gift, Google+ Local displays any posts or review from that friend which can help you take a better decision on what to purchase for him or her.

Uploading photographs and videos will be a good way to display better suggestion results when any of your friends are searching for something that you have already experienced. Thus, if you contribute more, the better would your family and friends benefit from it.

Google+ Local can truly help you reminiscence your past locality or motivate you enough to visit a new unexplored place by you.

Today, the first day is just the first beginning. There are many more exciting features to be unraveled. In the coming months, there are some very fun updates that are anticipated. Google+ Local is hence gaining pace and popularity thus making one’s clan stronger in the virtual world.


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