Directory Submission

Directory Submission

Our Directory Submission service is the best way to create a large number of one way links. Manual and relevant submissions by our experts ensure high percentage of approvals.

We, at RobinGupta.Com are proud to present our Directory Submission services. We are pioneers in link building services and directory submission service is our specialty.

In order to create an effective presence on the internet, you must have the link of your website in as many venues as possible. Directory submission is an effective way to ensure this. Link Building is one of the most relevant steps for the website marketing and directory submission is an irreplaceable part of this process.

But before we go further, let’s discuss what Directory Submission is all about:

How does Directory Submission work?

As the internet grows, the number of websites is also increasing at record speed. According to some estimates, at least 200 new websites are launched every day, around the world. Obviously, this incessant growth needed some structure and frame. Internet experts felt that there should be some way to categorize the websites to make it easier for user to search websites. Hence, website directories were born. These directories allow users to search website in various categories. Users or website owners can log in to these web directories and post links of websites after choosing a suitable category. It’s an easy to use, and highly effective tool.

Today, Directory Submission is used by website owners to create one-way links and get more exposure. They submit links of their website in relevant categories along with a short description and tags to ensure that they are easily search-able.

Benefits of Directory Submission:

  1. Incoming Links: Each directory submission creates an incoming link for the website. This not only increases the link popularity of the website, but also increases its search engine ranking, as search engines count the number of one-way links to a website while determining its ranking in the search results. The more incoming links a website has, the higher will be its ranking. Hence, its extremely helpful in your effort to get your website in top 20 search results.
  2. More Traffic: Many internet users search web directories to find good websites on various topics, especially those users who are looking for a specific service or products provided. This traffic can be diverted towards the websites which have submitted the links to these directories.
  3. Permanent Links: Once a link is approved by a directory submission, it becomes its permanent part of the directory. The directory moderators don’t do any changes or deletion in those links.
  4. Internal page popularity: Most web directories also allow deep links i.e. links of the pages other than home-page of the website. This ensures that your entire website gets equal chances of getting good number of visitors.
  5. Brand visibility: The first rule of any kind of promotional campaign, offline or online, is to stay in the eyes of its targeted customers. Directory submission is an excellent way to do it.
  6. Increase in profits: The improved traffic, due to directory submission, might lead to an increase in the sales of products and services. This is an excellent way to improve sales on your website.

Coming back to our Directory Submission service, our team of experienced professionals provides top quality submissions within smallest amount of time and at the most affordable prices. And if you are looking for more reasons to hire our service, read on:

  • Manual Submission
  • One-way links
  • Submission to Relevant Websites
  • Affordability
  • Only free, non-reciprocal web directories
  • On-time delivery
  • Search Engine Optimized submission
  • Easy listing in Search Engines

We handle work for both, newly launched and older websites. Directory submission is a task that should be performed as soon as possible, to ensure good traffic and quick listing in search engines. Thus, new website owners must ensure that they get our directory submission services as soon as possible.

But this doesn’t mean that older websites can’t benefit from this service. In fact, we recommend that you keep renewing this campaign after every few month or at least once in a year, to add more one-way links and rectify pending and rejected links. Thus, directory submission is useful for any and every website, no matter how big or small it is.

RobinGupta.Com directory submission is an efficient, productive and easy to use service that ensures greatest results, in minimum amount of time.
Available packages In Directory Submission Service:-

Package Turnaround Time Package Cost
Buy Now
200 Directory Submission + Free Bonus 3 Days $30
250 Directory Submission + Free Bonus 3 Days $37
300 Directory Submission + Free Bonus 3 Days $45
400 Directory Submission + Free Bonus 3 Days $60
500 Directory Submission + Free Bonus 5 Days $75
600 Directory Submission + Free Bonus 5 Days $90
750 Directory Submission + Free Bonus 7 Days $110
1000 Directory Submission + Free Bonus 10 Days $150
1200 Directory Submission + Free Bonus 10 Days $175
1500 Directory Submission + Mega Bonus 10 Days $210
After Payment Please send us below mentioned details on our Email- Support@RobinGupta.Com
  1. URL – URL which you want to submit.
  2. Title – Your main targeted Anchor text.
  3. Description – Small description about 200-250 Characters.
  4. keywords: – 4-5 keywords.
  5. Category – Main category & 2-3 alternative categories.
  6. Your Full name- which I’ll use as a submitter name.
  7. Your Email:- which will be use in Submissions.
  8. Address Details:- location of your site, country.
  9. Your Email: – Email where we will send completion report.
Thanks For Choosing RobinGupta.Com, will proceed your Order ASAP…

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