Guaranteed Directory Submissions

Guaranteed Directory Submissions

Guaranteed Directory Links is a unique service offered by us, RobinGupta.Com. This service assures guaranteed listings in top website directories on the internet. It comes with the promise of punctuality and affordability. This improves the website’s visibility.Tired of spending money on ordinary link building services which promise a lot, but deliver nothing? Most link building services claim that they can provide the highest approval rate in directory submission, but the truth is that 90% of such services can only provide 30 to 40% of approval rate.

But now, you don’t have to worry, because Guaranteed Directory Links service at guarantees superb results. We are pleased to announce that this great service will end your directory submission woes. Here, let us clarify that Guaranteed Directory Links service in not just a “fancy” name for directory submission.

How is this different from Directory Submission?

Directory submission, one of the most prominently used tools for link building and web promotion, involves link submission to various website directories. Links are submitted according to the categories and type of the website.

But directory submission does not give the assurance that the submitted link will be accepted by the directory moderators. Many times, a link may get rejected or take too long to go live in the directory. This can affect the link popularity of a website or hinder its growth. Most of the time, only a small percentage of submitted links get approved, as the approval solely depends on the discretion of the website’s moderators.

This is where Guaranteed Directory links can prove to be exceptionally useful. With this service, you can be sure of the fact that you will get as many approved links in directories as you have ordered. We provide both, regular links and featured links service. Regular links are simple listings in web directories, while featured links are displayed prominently on the directories’ pages. The choice is yours.

Features of Guaranteed Directory Links

  • Guaranteed number of approved links
    • Completely manual and organic submissions.
    • We don’t play any trick or cut corners to get approvals.
  • Highly effective for new websites
    • Helps new websites create better web presence.
    • Deep Links of your website
    • Links will be embedded in the most professional manner.
    • Submissions will be handled by experienced internet experts
  • Multiple titles and descriptions
  • Relevant Linking
    • Only to those directories which are related to the website
  • Affordability
  • Assured one-way permanent links
  • Punctuality
  • No need to put reciprocal links on your website
  • Comprehensive report on completion of the job

All these features ensure that when you hire us for your link building, your website will get the best exposure.

How this service helps your website grow?

  • Listing website in Search Engines: A wide number of one way links is a great way to get a website listed in search engines. All major search engines automatically list websites in their directory, which have a large number of one-way links.
  • Generating more traffic: By posting your links in popular web directories with loads of traffic, this service ensures that your website is visible to people who are in search for content provided by you. Thus, it generates more traffic and increases the popularity of your website.
  • Increasing Website Ranking: Most search engines count the number of permanent one-way links to determine a website’s popularity and ranking in search results. By ensuring a wide number of approved one-way links, a website can climb the popularity ladder and rankings much faster.
  • Fast Action: Guaranteed directory link service is a fast way to ensure effective link building for the website. This is a boon for new websites and the ones that are undergoing renovation and entering into a new market.

NOTE:- Please note that due to nature of google against web directories, Most of directories will be de-indexed in google, but they still help you to gain backlinks.

And we do all this at highly competitive prices to ensure that your Link Building is well within the reach of anyone and everyone.

Regular Guaranteed Links Packages:-

No. Of Links Time In Day Package Cost (USD) Buy Now
100 Guaranteed Directory
3 Days $75
200 Guaranteed Directory
3 Days $150
300 Guaranteed Directory
3 Days $200
400 Guaranteed Directory
4 Days $250
500 Guaranteed Directory
5 Days $300
600 Guaranteed Directory
7 Days $350
700 Guaranteed Directory
7 Days $375

Featured Guaranteed Links Packages:-

No. Of Links Time In Day Package Cost (USD) Buy Now
100 Guaranteed Featured Directory Links 3 Days
200 Guaranteed Featured Directory Links 4 Days $250
300 Guaranteed Featured Directory Links 5 Days $350
400 Guaranteed Featured Directory Links 5 Days $450
500 Guaranteed Featured Directory Links 7 Days $550
600 Guaranteed Featured Directory Links 7 Days $650
700 Guaranteed Featured Directory Links 8 Days $700
After Payment Please send us below mentioned details on our Email- Support@RobinGupta.Com
  • URL – URL which you want to submit..
  • Title – Your main targeted Anchor text.
  • Description – Small description about 200-250 Characters.
  • Category – Main category & 2-3 alternative categories.
  • Your Full name- Which will be used link owner name.
  • Email – Your Email Where you want completion Report.
Thanks For Choosing RobinGupta.Com, will proceed your Order ASAP…

1. What is link building?

Link building is the practice of getting links to your website from other sites.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact us. We are here to help you.

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