Logo Designing

Logo Designing

Logo Designing

Image! That is what any company, product or establishment wants. The world is running on millions of images all together. As the song goes “A picture paints a thousand words.” Creating value and appeal for a certain product or company requires a symbol and an image. That is what a logo is for. A logo establishes your business in a certain demographic. It creates a connection and association doe people to recognize your product with just one glance. In a sea of soaps, of cosmetics, toys, office supplies, hotels and franchise establishments, how do you suppose one gets recognized from the other? You do not say it’s because of the ingredients. It is on the logo. You create value by creating an image and that image will help you in making your product unique from any other things in life.

That is why we offer a fantastic service for your company’s needs. Our logo design services include 3 plans. Plan A is for 1 concept with 5 revisions. Plan B is for 3 concepts and 10 revisions. Plan C is for 5 concepts with unlimited revision. What this gives you is the freedom to choose to the find the best logo that will emotionally affect you, that will exude value to the company and will stay true to the services that your company presents. Logo design can be in the form of typography, illustration, or a combination of both. We do not just create a logo. We study your needs, your vision and the value in which you want others to see when they see the logo.

Packages for Logo design:

  • Plan-A > 1 Concept – 5 Revision
  • Plan-B > 3 Concept – 10 Revision
  • Plan-C > 5 Concept – Unlimited Revision

Some companies prefer to have a logo that will exude timelessness, classical appeal. It has an air of professionalism and dedicated service without the fuss. Other logos are better for product imaging. These logos can be fun or serious depending on the demographics of the product. From kiddie items to high end branding, our logo design services can help you create the best logo for your company. Creating an image for your company is a personal venture and it requires skill and of course a lot of options. We take these things in consideration and create concepts that are not only innovative but also fitting your company’s philosophies.

A logo is a symbol of the company. It creates association on the part of the audience. You would not want a poorly designed and amateur looking logo to be associated with your business. Our team is made up of highly qualified graphic design experts who have years of experience in branding, logo design and image making. We do not only produce images and logos, we also create value and connection. It is a connection to your company that people will love to use or be associated with. Imaging is very necessary in these modern times when thousands and even millions of products parade everywhere we go. It is necessary to look fresh yet not too gimmicky. That is our goal. We desire to freshen up your company yet establish a strong association to quality and values.

Available Logo Designing Package-

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