Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Reputation management is a great service that refutes negative, offensive or derogatory comments against your company.

A reputation is something that is built in years, but can be destroyed in seconds. Our Reputation Management service will protect your company’s reputation and make sure that the right steps are taken to refute any attacks on it.

Internet is an amazing place. It gives every one of us a platform to express our opinions and ideas. But with freedom, comes the side effects. Here, from side effects, we mean misuse of various portals to defame someone or destroy a company’s reputation. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can write anything about a website or company.

The anonymity provided by the internet helps the culprit in performing the bad deed with little or no chance of getting caught. In most countries, there are no laws against unfair defamation online. And wherever legal action is applicable, it’s quite difficult and expensive.

If you own a website, then you need our Reputation Management service. This service safeguards your website against vicious attacks on its goodwill and image. Web portals like review websites, blogs, forums etc. can easily used to damage anybody’s good reputation. It can be a competitor, rival, enemy or just some lunatic who takes pleasure in insulting others, who can damage your reputation. And a damaged reputation can cost you and your company, millions of dollars.

But through our Reputation Management service, you can restore your online reputation, no matter how many people try to destroy it.

How does Reputation Management work?

Reputation Management works as a counter action towards a reputation damaging action, which can be:

  • Bad reviews
  • Negative comments in blogs
  • Bad testimonials in forums
  • False allegations of scamming, cheating or fraud
  • False product reviews
  • Remarks by an aggressive existing or former customer

All this can destroy a company’s reputation and also damage its future prospects. Even one negative link about your website, can create doubt in your consumers’ minds.

Reputation management ensures that your customer have a great impression of you website and company, from the word go! Then, reputation management professionals create an action plan to overcome any malicious attack.

Reputation management is done by:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Pushing the search results with negative comments out of first pages of the search results is an effective way of keeping the negative remark away from the customers. It is done by bringing more website pages in top results.
  • Social Media: Social communities like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. are also used to create a positive reputation building campaign. Company can post clarification and comment on damaging information circulating on internet about it.
  • Blogging: Companies can manage their own blog, where the management can work to create a positive reputation for itself and also provide counterpoints, in case of an attack on company’s reputation.
  • RSS Feeds: RSS feeds are also used to send blogs, press releases and clarifications about any mishap or false accusation that might hurt the company’s reputation.
  • Online media: Media portals, such as You Tube, can be used to post videos, audio or text files to prove that the allegations are false or fabricated. provides a revolutionary Reputation Management service that will not only counter any malicious attack on your reputation, but will also ensure that you maintain a good reputation among your customer, regardless of any attack or not.

Benefits of Reputation Management:

  • Consistent Image of the company: This service maintains your company’s goodwill and image in the eyes of the customers.
  • Refutation of any false claims: Any false claims or allegations are refuted in the most effective way possible. Internet news spreads like wild-fire and it takes a professional reputation company to ensure that the news is stopped or denied as soon as possible.
  • Taking negative pages away from the consumers: The most important benefit of a reputation management service is to take all the negative pages and push them out of the first page search results. Since, users will find all the relevant information about a company on first page, it’s highly unlike that they will turn to next pages. Hence, the negative pages will be ineffective.

Therefore, it is extremely important for you to hire our services. This service has the following features:

  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Tangible results
  • Instant Action in case of an attack on your reputation
  • Constant monitoring for any tarnishing or negative remarks

In short, our reputation management service is like a spokesperson for your company that refutes allegations, provides clarifications on various portals and keeps the destructive people away from your customers.

Do you need any more reason to hire us?

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