Blog Management Service

Blog Management Service

Blog Management Service

As the world comes closer and internet becomes prime source of information and news, blogs have become a popular entity. Our Blog Management service can manage your blog for you.

We, at provide an excellent service, which ensures that your blog stays active and buzzing with activities. Our Blog management service is perfect for all kinds of official, public, personal or informative blogs.

Blogs have become an important part of a web promotion campaign. These started as a platform where people can express their ideas, view and opinions without any inhibitions. Today, they have become an extremely popular tool for the sharing pictures, ideas and videos, news and opinions.

But apart from being a self-expression tool, blogs have also become a great marketing tool. Companies, professionals and firms are using blogs to popularize their products and services. They can have the following benefits for a website:

  • Information Portal: Blogs can be a great tool to communicate latest news and happenings on a website, to a large number of people. Through RSS feed, a website can inform all of its clients about all the new contests, products or services launched on it.
  • Link Building: By adding website’s links in blog posts, the website owners can create a number of one-way links on regular basis.
  • More traffic: People who visit the blog are more inclined towards visiting the website and testing the products and services on offer, as they have read enough about it on the blog. This creates more traffic on the website.
  • Increase in ranking: A blog ensures better ranking for your website by creating large number one-way links and drawing more visitors to it.
  • Showcasing Ideas and Services: Blog can work as an additional venue to showcase a company’s innovations, new ideas and services. It can also be the place to provide customer support and help to the visitors.
  • Giving clarifications: In today’s world of twitter, Facebook, Blackberry and so on, bad news spreads fast and rumors spread faster. A company blog can be an excellent place to give any clarifications about any situation.

But a blog can give you all these benefits, only if you invest a lot energy, time and concentration in it. In order to become popular and get more subscription, a blog needs to have interesting postings regularly. And this is where, we step in. We can create, manage and maintain your blog in an extremely professional and efficient manner.

Our blog management service includes:

  • Blog Designing: We can create an exceptional blog for you. We will design its layout, design and features, as per your choice and ensure that the design looks professional and compliments the design of your website. We can either attach the blog to your website or keep is as a separate entity (this is optional for those who already have design ready OR want to use free blog theme).
  • Blog Writing: Our team of writers will create original blog posts for the blog. Each post will be relevant to the subject and theme of your website or the theme that you will choose for the blog. The posts will also be search engine friendly.
  • Blog Maintenance: We will maintain the blog and make sure that there are no glitches or errors. We will also take care of any bugs or virus that might attack it.
  • Comment management: We will manage all the queries and comments from readers. We can also moderate the comments, as per your requirements, i.e., if you can choose the level of permissiveness in language, permission to be anonymous or posting links in blog comments.

In short, once you hire us to manage your blog, you won’t have to do anything else. We will take care of anything and will take care of it.

Our Blog Management Service Will be done in three parts…

Blog Launching/Installation:

After discussing your blog needs with you, we will start your blog and steer it as it becomes an effective source of information about your company. We will create a custom design for your blog, and with one of the major blog hosts such as WordPress, RobinGupta’s Blog Management team will install the blog directly onto your website where it can be accessed whenever a visitor comes to your site.

Writing your Blog:

Blogs must be updated regularly. The information should be short, interesting, succinct, entertaining and hook the reader until the end. If you aren’t a competent writer, RobinGupta’s Blog Management team will assign a writer to your account. This same writer will contribute to your blog on a regular basis, keeping the ”voice“ of your blog consistent. Every new blog means new optimized content for your website, which means more visitors and more recognition from the search engines!

Blog Maintenance:

Blogs are living things, and need to be maintained regularly. They can’t sit idle. New widgets and themes can be added. Comments must be responded to. Photographs can be added to specific posts. Marketing the blog to the social networks is a major facet of blog maintenance and must be done daily. RSS feed distribution must be up to date and posting of your blog on various free websites are also important aspects of blog maintenance that the RobinGupta’s Blog Management Team can handle for you. Bring your website to life with your blog, and let us do it for you!

Our Blog Management Service has the following features:

  • Consistency
  • Originality
  • Professional Writing
  • Dedicated writers to ensure consistency in quality
  • Link Building through hyper-linking
  • Affordable prices
  • Time Saving
  • Automatic maintenance and error rectifying
  • Regular reports on postings
  • Relevant posts
  • Targeted audience

We can manage your blog for a short term (during its teething stage or to give it a slight push) or long term. Our professionals are always ready to take up challenges, and hence, can manage blogs on any topic under the sun. We will post a fixed number of blog posts per week for as long as you desire. Each post will be of a predetermined number of words.

Blogs have become an integral part of the online experience. Today, almost every big or small company has its own blog. From Google to Microsoft and even Apple use their official blogs to communicate with their customers. As a link building tool also, a blog is exceptional.

By hiring us for your blog management, you will be able to reap all the benefits of owning a blog. You will see visible result in your online reputation and customer satisfaction.

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