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Mobile SEO – The fast changing trend

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Posted By Robin Gupta

Posted On June 12, 2012

Mobile SEO – The fast changing trend

The SEO saga just had to spread to the smart phones as well. It is of course no doubt that it was well forecasted. With the smart phones taking over, content has to be treated more than a king in this case. Listed from the horse’s mouth, here is some of Goggles official recommendation for the SEO strategies for the smart phones.

The mobile SEO strategy must be in line with the responsive design for the following reasons –

  • It will be a lot easier for your users to interact with you with a single URL
  • It will be a lot easier for Google’s algorithms to work with your single URL
  • The same HTML and the single URL makes it easier for Goggles bots to crawl and fetch information from your site.

To sum it all up, it means that the only best way for guaranteed success in the SEO mobile genre is to have a single responsive route. However, this is a misconception. The internet giant Google states that they even support dynamic serving modes irrespective of the fact of the URL, i.e. your URL can be the same or even different.

1) If you are utilizing the different or diverse HTML approach keeping the URL the same, Google would want you to make use of the HTTP Vary Header. This acts as a hint for the Google bots smart phone crawlers.

2) If you are utilizing the diverse HTML approach but this time with a different or diverse URL then Google would expect you to make use of the rel=alternate for the desktop version and a canonical for the mobile version.


Google has also developed a micro website so as to assist the developers in implementing these methods. There are also documented guidelines that can give you tips on how to efficiently optimize your site for mobile smart phones. These guidelines can take you a long way in this cut throat competitive age of technology.


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