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The best way to get traffic – Link Building

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Posted On May 26, 2009

The best way to get traffic – Link Building

The more you build links the more page rank & traffic you can get. This is how every SEO company and the result of their efforts comes after every 3 months when Google declares PR (Page Rank) for every website. This is how they receive their failure or success report.

The only use of link building is only ranking of a website but this is not true. You can get more than this as it is best way to even get traffic.

Start getting Brand Exposure:
This is what every webmaster looks after entering into this field. The more exposure you can get to your brand the more profits and conversion rates you will get. You can buy some kid of space from webmasters website and they will help you to get a highly visible banner add. The banner ads will on their home page. But find only those websites which are doing same business as your as this will also help to get traffic and backlinks.

Looking for direct traffic:
Many webmasters looks for direct traffic then also you need to do link building. Through links in the website which allow putting links are very helpful. There are many forums and social bookmarking website which will allow you do this. You can also get this from forum posting & blog commenting. This will help you to post what you think of the post in the forums and will ignite other visitors on that website to visit your website.

Tricks to generate leads:
There are many ways through which you can get leads. This can be either purchasing such leads form some professional or if you do not want to spend money then you can do this by classifieds ads. This is true that the more website on your website the more conversion you can get. Now you can place the links in the classified ads, distribute press release or get backlinks through relevant websites.

They all allow posting a link on their website and if you really have anything which is unique then they will promote your post. This will help to get a quality link as well as traffic from relevant customers who have not visited the website of your competitor and you have conversion.

There are other more ways in which you can traffic other than building links. This can be email marketing or many other. The more efforts you can give on building links the more dollars you can publish.


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